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Military Packaging:
Due to our superior quality and track record of accurate and timely government packaging for the military.  This ensures that your government contracts are able to ship out to your customers promptly.  All military packaging is performed with quality workmanship to the most recent specifications.
Crating Services:
All crates are custom made of superior materials and quality craftsmanship.  We are noted for our ability to respond quickly and creatively to our clients' needs.  We are able to meet deadlines with our rapid turnaround and our superior customer relations. We use only APA rated plywood and high-grade lumber materials (rather than OSB, press board, or high-formaldehyde products that many competitors use due to lower costs).  This ensures that your shipping containers do not contaminate your parts over long periods of storage or fluctuating storage conditions (ocean transport etc.)
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  • Military Specification Packaging in accordance with 2073-1E
  • Latest Bar-coding Labeling, Latest Markings in accordance with Mil Standard 129P
  • 2D Barcoding and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Labels
  • Prepare your Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF) (old DD-250) material receiving reports (distributing and submitting to Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS))
  • Feel free to contact us for Military Specification Contract Packaging Quoting on our Quote page or via e-mail.
  • Bar code labels can be sold separately or are included with our packaging services.
  • Our high quality control record has allowed us to be placed on an ARP ("Alternate Release Procedure") meaning we don't require a government inspector on-site.  We submit the receiving reports electronically for approval immediately which expedites the handling of your parts.
  • Government Bills of Lading services
  • Small Packaging Express shipping
  • Government packaging specialists on-site (certified WAWF preparation specialist)
  • Custom Crates
  • Custom Skids and Pallets
  • Re-usable Crates 
  • On-site packaging and crating, On-site packaging and crating
  • Military Standard Crates
  • Blocking and Bracing Designs and Complex Saddle and Foam or Rubber Cushioning Designs
  • Export Certified Crates conforming to APHIS, ALSC, EU standards, SWPM certified (aka "bug free stamp") and IITC/NHTNC. HT, PT and FT available.

Terms above:

  • ARP (Alternative Release Procedure)
  • APHIS (USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service),
  • EU (European Union),
  • SWPM (Solid Wood Packaging Manufacturers),
  • IITC/NHTNC, HT (Heat Treatment),
  • PT (Pressure Treatment),
  • FT (Fumigated Treatment),
  • ALSC (American Lumber Standards Committee)

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